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What are the new features in FIFA 19?

(EA Sports)

FIFA fans are busy building Ultimate Team squads and starting their career modes now that the newest game has launched.

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Plenty of new features have been added to FIFA 19 making it one of the most complete games from the franchise so far.

As well as updated squads EA Sports has added new leagues and stadium as well as updating the gameplay.

Here are all of the new features that players can experience in FIFA 19.

(EA Sports)

What are the new features in FIFA 19?

There are a few new additions to this years version of the game with one of the main new features being the Champions League and Europa League.

The European tournaments have been added to FIFA 19 with commentary from Derek Rae and Lee Dixon and a specific Champions League game mode.

Ultimate Team now has a new Division Rival mode where you can play against players of a similar skill level and earn rewards.

Gamers will be able to experience playing as the Chinese teams for the first time ever in FIFA 19 after EA revealed that the division would be added for the first time.

The division includes former Chelsea player Oscar, ex-Liverpool and Barcelona star Javier Mascherano and Yannick Carrasco, formerly of Atletico Madrid.

(EA Sports)

EA Sports also has a new license with Serie A and has added a number of new stadiums from La Liga and the Premier League.

Players will be able to play the conclusion of The Journey which was FIFA’s first story mode and has followed the career of Alex Hunter across three games.

A ‘no rules’ kick-off game mode has been added too and gives players the chance to play the game with less rules including no fouls and no offside.

FIFA 19 also includes some gameplay changes including timed-finishing and dynamic tactics which gives players more options when setting out there team and how they choose to play.

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