Bethesda Grants Wish of 12-Year-Old Boy With Rare Cancer To Play ‘Fallout 76’

fallout 76

Bethesda — the makers of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout — has granted the wish of a 12-year-old boy named Wes with a rare type of cancer to see Fallout 76 by bringing the game to his house to play months before release.
Wes has been in a fight against stage-four neuroblastoma for most of his life after being diagnosed with the form of cancer at just five years old.
Recently, Wes and his family were told by doctors that they would be stopping treatment, implying that Wes’ battle was poised to come to a heartbreaking end, and meaning that he may never get to see a new entry in a series he loves: Fallout.
As you may know, Fallout 76 is poised to release later this year in November, and in order to make sure Wes got to experience it, Matt Grandstaff, an assistant director at Bethesda, and other members of the studio, grabbed a copy of the game and drove four hours from its headquarters in Maryland to pay him a visit in Virginia.
Not only did Bethesda give Wes a copy of the game to enjoy, but they even delivered a replica Power Armor helmet — the one that comes with the game’s Power Armor collector’s edition — signed by none other than the face of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard.
Wes wasn’t able to keep the game, but he did get to experience it for hours, and according to his parents, “it made him happier than you know.”
As you may know, this isn’t new for Bethesda. Over the years, it has given tours to terminally ill children and showed them games early as part of the company’s support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
For more on the story of Wes and this kind gesture, check out his Facebook page, which has documented much of the journey. And if you can, pay a visit to Wes’ GoFund Me page, where his family is attempting to raise money to pay for the costs associated with Wes’ illness and treating it.

And of course, we at WWG would like to extend our best wishes to Wes and his family during this difficult time. Hopefully Bethesda unlocked all of the upgrades for you, and let you go wild in the Wasteland!



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