‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Blackout’s Beta Will Feature These Four Vehicles


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout beta will feature a total of four different vehicles for players to use by themselves or with squads, vehicles that we know have more details on after seeing them in the first Blackout trailer.

The Blackout trailer was revealed days ago and featured a broad look at the new map that battle royale players will compete on while also showing off some intense chases both on foot and in vehicles. From water to the sky, the four vehicles included in the Blackout beta help players get across the map quicker while still leaving room for offensive options while they’re closing the gap between players or to help avoiding the ever-closing circle that surrounds the battlefield.

There’s a chance that there could be more than four vehicles in the game mode though since Treyarch’s new details listed these as vehicles that’ll be in the beta, so there could be more or less than four depending on how the tests go. We know there will be at least four in the Sept. 10 beta though, each of those detailed below.

Slide 1 of 4ATV
Call of Duty
(Photo: Activision)

One of the most standard vehicles to be included in shooters be they battle royale games or not, the ATV is one of the four vehicles that’ll be found in Blackout. We see these vehicles with off-road capabilities all throughout the trailer as players ride on them through several different types of terrain and fire from the back of the ATVs while on the move.

“Holds a max of two people and has off-roading capability with medium speed,” Treyarch’s description of the vehicle said.

The ATV looks like it’ll be the best option for anyone playing by themselves or in a duo mode since it can fit either one or two people on it.

Slide 2 of 4Cargo Truck
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Cargo Truck
(Photo: Activision)

Slower than the ATV but able to fit way more people and loot, the Cargo Truck was also featured in the Blackout trailer as one of the four vehicles in the beta.

“One driver with room for others in the truck bed. It has limited off-roading capability and limited speed,” Treyarch said. “Use the Cargo Truck to store weapons and other Items for your late game push to victory.”

The vehicle’s packed with people throughout most of the trailer, but you can also fill it with guns and other supplies to carry with you. For those playing in squads with multiple people on one team, the Cargo Truck looks to be the way to go.

Slide 3 of 4Tactical Raft
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Tactical Raft
(Photo: Activision)

Taking the fight off the roads and onto the water, the Tactical Raft is the only aquatic vehicle that’ll be in the beta.

“This boat fits two comfortably but can pack in quite a few if you don’t mind getting cozy,” the new details said. “The raft is a great way to navigate the abundant water in Blackout.”

The reveal of the Blackout map showed that there’s quite a bit of water throughout it whether you’re skirting the sides of the battle or traveling up a river to the Hydro Dam. Nuketown Island, the popular Call of Duty location reimagined for Blackout, is also only connected to the rest of the terrain by two roads, so a Tactical Raft will likely be the quickest route to get there.

Slide 4 of 4Light Helicopter
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Tactical Helicopter
(Photo: Activision)

One of the most exciting vehicles featured in the trailer was the Light Helicopter, the only airborne vehicle that can fit anywhere from one pilot to a full squad of players.

“A Helicopter that holds a max of four passengers and the pilot,” This aircraft will start to malfunction in the late states of the game and is very susceptible to lock-on Missile Launchers, but is by far the fastest way to get from point A to point B.”

The Light Helicopter looks like it’d be the prime way for people to avoid combat and wait around until they’re the last few players in the game, but Treyarch appears to have considered that while giving it some weaknesses such as the inevitable state of disrepair.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout beta starts first for PlayStation 4 owners on Sept. 10.




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