Death Stranding Adds Metal Gear Solid Actor

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It seems as if an actor from the Metal Gear universe will be lending their voice talents to Kojima’s newest project, Death Stranding. While there has been no official confirmation, evidence suggests that Stefanie Joosten will be joining the cast. She is known for her role as the scantily clad sniper from Metal Gear Solid 5.

This all came about after some sleuthing from Twitter users who noticed facial similarities between a new character seen in the recent Death Stranding Tokyo Game Show trailer and Joosten herself. Another Twitter user followed up by overlaying her facial profile to the character model, revealing a perfect fit. They also noted the Dutch flag on the character’s bag, as Joosten is half-Dutch.

How she responded was interesting. She didn’t confirm or deny her role, but merely gave a thumbs up, followed by the Dutch flag and a smiley emoji. Not exactly the answer many would hope, but it does seem to indicate that these users might onto something. If Joosten does play a part in Death Stranding, it’s only a matter of time before she, or Kojima Productions, lets us know for sure.

The Stefanie Joosten look-alike wasn’t the only interesting character to appear in the Tokyo Game Show trailer. At one point in the video, the protagonist of the game, Sam, encounters a man in a golden mask that summons a horrifying, quadrupedal creature with a head full of tendrils. Due to his antagonistic nature, some presume he may be the main villain of the game — or one of them, anyway.

While many of the main players in Death Stranding have taken the stage, more characters are on the way. Hideo Kojima himself confirmed this through Twitter last week, where he shared artwork of the current cast, and promised a few more characters will be revealed soon.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PlayStation 4, but there is no scheduled release date at this time.

Source: Daily Star



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