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Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Challenge: How And Where To Do Week 5 Bounty

Destiny 2‘s weekly reset has arrived, marking some notable changes. For those who have reached Forsaken’s endgame area, the Dreaming City, the rotation of weekly missions has reset to where it was at the start of a three-week cycle. But another aspect of the Dreaming City, the Ascendant Challenge, has rotated again to a new iteration of the event. Here’s where to find it and what to do.

Like in past weeks, the Ascendant Challenge involves using a specific item (a Tincture of Queensfoil) to receive the Ascendance buff. This allows you to see a Taken portal that sends you to the Ascendant Plane to do a mission of sorts. But the portal’s location and your objective has been different each week, and that’s true for Week 5. Before starting, though, be sure to grab the corresponding bounty from Petra, as that’s the key to earning a piece of Powerful gear.

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This week’s portal is found inside a Lost Sector (Bay of Drowned Wishes) located right near Dreaming City’s landing zone in Divalian Mists. You’ll move to the midway point of the Lost Sector, killing things until a little before you reach a door that’s locked. (You can skip the enemies, but killing them will likely be easier.) If you’ve used your Tincture of Queensfoil, you’ll see the portal and can jump through to reach the Ascendant Plane location, Agonarch Abyss.

Unfortunately, there’s a good deal of platforming involved here. You’ll make your way down to a temple where a large tree is. Blight balls spawn in that slow your movement, and you’ll have to deal with a pair of wizards who spawn in additional Thrall enemies. Take out the wizards and you’re all done.

The chest that you can then open is, as always, nothing special. But finishing the Ascendant Challenge completes the bounty from Petra, which nets you a piece of Powerful gear.

When you speak to Petra, you’ll notice she acknowledges that things have returned to the way they were three weeks ago. She’s again offering the first of the three story missions where you rescue her associates. Meanwhile, Bungie has announced there are changes coming for Exotics, Masterwork Cores, and Iron Banner.


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