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Destiny 2 Forsaken Weekly Reset: Nightfall, Ascendant Challenge, Gravetide Bounty

Tuesday has brought with it the latest weekly reset in Destiny 2. That means players have numerous new opportunities to obtain some Powerful gear, along with a refresh of certain fixed activities–including the Dreaming City mission rotation, which has reached the end of its cycle for the first time.

At least so far, this week isn’t as big as last week, which saw new Exotic weapons become available and a new Crucible mode called Breakthrough debut. In terms of what to expect this week, here’s the full rundown on the Nightfall, Ascendant Challenge, and more.

Ascendant Challenge

For players who have advanced far enough in Forsaken, you may be ready for a high-end activity. The Ascendant Challenge is just the ticket, providing a difficult mission of sorts to take part in for some Powerful gear–provided you can find where to go. This time, you’ll enter the challenge through a portal located in the Bay of Drowne. This takes you to the Agonarch Abyss, where you’ll be platforming (probably to your death at least a few times).

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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Weekly Powerful Gear Bounty For Gravetide Summoner

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Another avenue to Powerful gear is the Nightfall Strike. Taking part in the Nightfall allows you to pick from three different Strikes; this week’s choices include Lake of Shadows, Tree of Probabilities, and The Arms Dealer. The corresponding bounties for Powerful gear, as usual, ask you to complete a Nightfall and to complete one with a score above 100,000.


Tess at Eververse has new weekly bounties, the most expensive of which is Crucible Crux, but it also rewards you with the most Bright Dust based on what you spend on the bounty. This requires you to complete matches in the Crucible, with wins netting you extra progress.

Tess has also cycled in a new wave of items to get your hands on. Most important to grab is the Rise to the Challenge bounty. This only asks you to complete a challenge to receive a Prismatic Facet. This item allows you to activate the Prismatic Matrix, which is just an overly complex term for what is basically a chest with 10 cosmetic rewards inside. The Matrix’s items rotate each week; here’s what’s available right now:

  • Sanctified Vigilance Shell (Exotic Ghost shell)
  • Transcendent Geometry (Exotic Warlock ornament for Vesper of Radius)
  • Aim to Misbehave (Exotic ornament for Malfeasance)
  • Dragonfly Regalia Grasps (Legendary Hunter gauntlets)
  • Dragonfly Regalia Greaves (Legendary Titan leg armor)
  • Smooth Dance (Legendary emote)
  • Where Stars Collide (Legendary ship)
  • Endymion Cavalcade (Legendary vehicle)
  • Mappa Mundarum (Legendary vehicle)
  • Jeweled Projection (Legendary Ghost projection)


Petra is the most important vendor and NPC in Forsaken, providing you with bounties in the Dreaming City. She continues to move around the area and this week can be found back in The Strand. She has multiple bounties offering Powerful gear, as well as Gateway Between Worlds, which rewards you with an Offering to the Oracle (which is now an easy ticket to a Seed of Light and third subclass tree).

Additionally, she’s again offering a bounty to do the mission Broken Courier; this marks the first reset of the rotation of Dreaming City missions she has. If your Power level wasn’t high enough to try this out in September, here’s your opportunity to do what you missed. Petra actually has some dialogue to acknowledge that things are back to the way they were three weeks ago.

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