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HomeGaming NewsPUBG has banned 13 million cheating players to date

PUBG has banned 13 million cheating players to date

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has banned over 13 million players since the game’s publisher started sharing ban numbers in June 2017.

That 13 million figure comes courtesy of a Reddit post spotted by Eurogamer that added up (and made a nifty chart out of) the publicly disclosed ban numbers that PUBG Corp’s parent company Bluehole shares online.

The data, and the resulting graph, offers developers a slightly more detailed look at the war PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been fighting against cheaters since the game kicked off the current battle royale boom. 

Those 13 million permanent bans have been dished out across 69 weekly waves of bans. The original post from the Reddit user sjk045 features a spreadsheet of each week’s ban numbers as well that shows a peak of 1,010,163 cheaters banned during Bluehole’s 42nd weekly ban session.

The post also notes that this latest week, week 69, is the only time since week 25 that under 100,000 cheaters have been caught and banned.


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