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‘Fortnite’ Exploit Makes Llamas Drop Triple Loot

Fortnite players have discovered an exploit that makes Llamas drop three times the loot, and all it takes is one of the new Shockwave Grenades to make it happen.

YouTuber NoahJ456 (via Fortnite Intel) shared evidence of the bug with a video explaining how players can recreate the exploit themselves to get way more ammo and materials than usual. Showing what would drop in a normal Llama, that being 60 Heavy Bullets and 200 of different types of materials in this case, he emptied his inventory to show the precise results of using the exploit to net more loot.

“Now, if you find a Shockwave Grenade and you find a Llama in-game – this works for the real game, too,” he began. “If you throw it and then boost through the Llama, if you take a look at my mats, I now have 600 of each kind of mat.

The extra materials are just the start of what you get from the Shockwave Grenade-affected Llama with even more healing and shielding items dropping as well. He ended up with three Slurp Juices, several of both the normal and small Shield Potions, two Medkits, as well as a bunch of C4 and Grenades. Topping that all off was the ammo that was dropped by the Llama with 180 Heavy Bullets confirming that it is, in fact, triple the normal amount that you’d get from a Llama. The traps were similarly tripled as well to give more Spike Traps and Campfires than any one player could hope for in a game.

These new Shockwave Grenade exploits don’t stop there though with the same trick also usable on chests as well. If you find a chest around the map and have a Shockwave Grenade on-hand – or get lucky like NoahJ456 did and find a Shockwave Grenade in the chest you’re opening – you can use that throwable to propel yourself through an already opened chest to “open” it a second time. This means that while you can get triple the loot from Llamas, you can get double the amount from chests to keep acquiring more loot and resources.

The tricks were made possible by the last patch that added in the Shockwave Grenade, a weapon that’s used to catapult players away from its blast radius. You’ll take no fall damage after using it, so you can launch yourself and others away from a fight or through a Llama or chest with no worries about being eliminated by the ground.

This exploit doesn’t appear to be listed among the known issues in the Fortnite community issues boards, but it’s one that Epic Games will likely address at some point.


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