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Fortnite “Fall Skirmish” Offering $10 Million Prize Pool

The Fortnite Fall Skirmish is on, letting players compete for their share of a huge pool of cash. Unlike the Summer Skirmish, players are divided into one of five “Clubs.” You can rack up Club Points by playing in the appropriate mode, and at the end of the Fall Skirmish the winning club will get $4 million. The total prize bucket is $10 million.

The competition will play out over the course of six weeks, alternating between Duos and Solos. The first week, which kicks off today (watch the action below or on Twitch), is Duos in the Hold the Throne game mode. It will all culminate at TwitchCon, with an exact time to be announced. TwitchCon is set to take place October 26-28 in San Jose, California.

The competition will overlap with the changing of the seasons, as Epic recently confirmed that Fortnite Season 6 will begin on Thursday, September 27. This follows weeks of build-up and teases, focused mostly on a giant, slow-moving cube that was plopping itself across the battlefield at regular intervals. Most recently it fell into Loot Lake and began melting, turning the whole body of water into a bouncy environment.

Epic’s mega-popular shooter has cultivated a player base that can support these competitions with lavish prize pools. In August alone it boasted nearly 80 million players, a number that many games would envy for their whole lifetime. One report estimated that the game makes $2 million per day, so sparing five days of mobile revenue on a competition isn’t exactly going to drive Epic to bankruptcy anytime soon.


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