How Battlefield 5 Is Changing After The Beta

Battlefield 5 received a delay of a month, and DICE said at the time it would allow the studio to make final adjustments and deliver on its new live service. The extra time is also coming in handy to respond to player feedback from the open beta, and a new video details some of the changes DICE is working on to be ready for the November release.

For starters, it’s considering making more ammo and one-use medpacks available right from the start of a match, along with more ammo capacity for some weapons. That plan isn’t set in stone yet, and the studio didn’t mention exactly which weapons would be given the upgrades or left alone.

The studio also says it’s making a lot of subtle tweaks to improve visibility. It’s taken a look at its lighting systems and tweaked certain aspects, as well as manually edited lighting in particular locations where the system itself creates too dark an environment. It say this was necessary because, without player icons, the lighting needs to be clear enough to create a good competitive environment. Similarly, the team received a complaint that a net-code issue would sometimes result in too much damage before a player could react. When DICE checked, sure enough, that diagnosis was correct, so the team is working on it.

Finally, tanks are being tweaked to further differentiate them from each other. Medium tanks will have a faster turret in the final game, and light tanks–which weren’t in the beta–will have a still even faster turret. The studio also discussed how it evaluates vehicle balance.

Battlefield 5 is coming on November 20. For more details, check out our pre-order guide.



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