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Along with compensators and flash hiders, foregrips help to reduce recoil on weapons in PUBG. This page has all you need to know about the several foregrips to make choosing the right one for a weapon easier

PUBG has five foregrips that can be attached to weapons from the UMP9 to the SKS. They allow assault rifles to get more shots out before the recoil begins to really set in and also keep the recoil stable and predictable. Although each foregrip serves a different purpose, they’re listed below by how much they reduce overall recoil from best to worst.

Grips perform differently on weapons when it comes to recoil so there’s usually a preferred grip for a particular weapon.

The light grip does the most of any foregrips(and attachments) to reduce recoil. It helps relatively stable guns like the UMP9 and Vector fire with laser-like precision and accuracy. A light grip does enough to reduce recoil even without a flash hider or compensator. While it increases stability, the light grip also increases recoil and the time taken to recover from it.

One of the most common grips, the vertical foregrip does slightly less than the light grip in handling overall recoil. When handling a weapon with a powerful vertical kick like the Beryl M762 or the Tommy Gun, a vertical foregrip would be the appropriate choice. The Tommy Gun, for example, has the highest recoil of all the SMGs and it fits only a vertical foregrip.

A good grip for any scoped weapon, the thump grip reduces the time taken to open a scope and also reduces overall recoil but not as much as the vertical foregrip.

Best equipped on SMGs and assault rifles, the angled foregrip can be very helpful in close and medium range combat where by reducing the time taken to aim and by extension increasing readiness. It also reduces recoil.

A half grip does not reduce recoil on any weapon. Instead, it increases recoil recovery but at the cost of stability when firing. This makes it unsuitable for generally stable weapons like the AUG A3, UMP9 and the Vector.

Below is a table showing what guns in PUBG fit foregrips, their class and the various foregrips that can be equipped on them.

Gun Class Light Grip Vertical Foregrip Thumb Grip Angled Foregrip Half Grip
SCAR-L Assault Rifle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
M416 Assault Rifle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AUG A3 Assault Rifle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SKS DMR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UMP9 SMG Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vector SMG Yes Yes No No Yes
Tommy Gun SMG No Yes No No No



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