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Killing Floor 2, Rising Storm, Road Redemption going cheap in Tripwire sale

Tripwire Interactive are the Roswell-based studio known for developing the Killing Floor series and the Rising Storm series. It also published Road Rash successor Road Redemption. And from now through Friday at 6pm BST / 10am PST, games from the above and more are on sale. 

With savings ranging from 50 to 85 percent, the Steam sale can be viewed in full this-a-way. For my money, highlights include Killing Floor 2 and Rising Storm. Tyler liked the former, which also made its way onto our list of the best grenades in PC gaming. With 67 percent off, it’s going for £6.59/$9.89

The latter, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoyed by Evan—which we latterly awarded multiplayer game of the year in 2013. With 75 percent off, it’s now just £3.74/$4.99 till the end of the week. Things have moved on some since, but Evan’s enthusiasm for Rising Storm at launch really shines through here: 

What an absurdly well-designed FPS this is. In a time when multiplayer shooter factories like DICE and Splash Damage have abandoned WWII, Tripwire render the period in its most ambitious form ever—on sprawling, authentic maps and with asymmetrical differences between the sides that make them more than texture-swapped clones. 

I like Battlefield 4 a bunch, but when you join a Japanese banzai charge in Rising Storm (a tactic that suppresses enemies more effectively as more people join the battle choir and begin to literally yell), you realise how carefully these clever, satisfying game mechanics had to be laid into the map and weapon design. 

Share your own favourites from Tripwire’s Steam Developer Sale in the comments down south.


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