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Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Song Created By Skrillex and Utada

Earlier today, Square Enix made an announcement via a press release about the opening theme song for their upcoming RPG Kingdom Hearts 3. Iconic Japanese singer Utada Hikaru will, of course, be returning to work on it, having created the opening songs for both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, but she will be joined by the American DJ Sonny John Moore AKA Skrillex.

Many fans had assumed that Hikaru’s latest track, Don’t Think Twice (titled Chikai in Japanese), would be Kingdom Hearts 3‘s main theme, since it has been used frequently in almost every trailer for the title but, as it turns out, that’s not the case and it will serve as the ending theme. The new song titled Face My Fears is planned to have both English and Japanese versions and will be released alongside Don’t Think Twice (Chikai is already available for purchase on iTunes) on January 18th 2019 – just a week or so before the game’s official release.

Skrillex is apparently a self-confessed fan of the Disney/Square Enix crossover series and had originally requested to make a remix of Don’t Think Twice. Somehow, this evolved into a full-on collaboration. Record producer/songwriter Jason Boyd – better known by his stage name Poo Bear – will also be working on the track as a producer.

This news follows on from a massive amount of new info from the Tokyo Game Show, which includes new screenshots and gameplay footage that show off the Big Hero 6 world for the first time, where Sora, Donald, and Goofy will team up with the titular team and have Baymax join them as a temporary party member.

Square Enix has also recently revealed a number of voice actors that will be lending their talents to the game, with several actors reprising their roles from the Disney films, such as Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell returning to voice Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Any fans that are feverishly excited for the game and haven’t been able to attend any of the conventions to try out the demos can read one of our writer’s thoughts on the game here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on PS4 and Xbox One in Japan on January 25th and then in the West on January 29th.

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