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HomeGaming NewsThis 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Mod Brings Spidey to 'GTA San Andreas'

This ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Mod Brings Spidey to ‘GTA San Andreas’

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a classic, one of the best games of its generation. But what could make it better? Well, the same thing that could make every game better: adding Spider-Man to it.

Luckily, modder DNZY agrees, and has modded Spidey into GTA San Andreas.

Featuring Insomniac Games’ white spider suit, the mod allows players to play as Spidey and do what Spidey does: crawl up and down buildings, web-swing from skyscraper to skyscraper, and do backflips in the air. There’s even Peter Parker-esq quips, though, they aren’t as lovable and entertaining as they are in the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

As you would expect, GTA San Andreas doesn’t handle quite as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man, after all, it’s from 2004, an era where open-world games weren’t exactly known for their fluid and tight controls. However, if you’re looking for more Spidey, or just another excuse to jump back into GTA San Andreas again, this mod is for you. Plus, unlike Carl “CJ” Johnson, you don’t ever have to worry about Spidey getting overweight from too much Cluckin’ Bell, so that’s a plus.

For those that don’t know: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas released back on October 26, 2004. The seventh title in the larger GTA series, San Andreas wasn’t without its critics, but still managed to garner an 84 on Metacritic at launch. The best-selling game of its year, the title has sold over 27.5 million copies of 2011, and who knows how many since it re-released on PlayStation 4 as a PlayStation 2 classic.

Rockstar Games next and upcoming title, Red Dead Redemption 2, is coincidentally poised to arrive on the same day, October 26, 14 years later. Like GTA San Andreas, it is arguably the most-anticipated release of the year.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Spider-Man, which released exclusively on PlayStation 4 earlier this month, is poised to give Red Dead Redemption 2 a run for its money later this year when Game of The Year debates kick-off. You can read more about just why everyone loved the newest Spider-Man game, by checking out our official and glowing review here.

And as always, hit the comments section and let us know your thoughts. How do you remember GTA San Andreas? Would you like to see Rockstar revisit that era and place in any future release?


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