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Overwatch’s Lego Trailer Shows Off First Minifigure

Overwatch is getting immortalized in Lego soon, and now we’ve gotten our first look at one of its heroes. The de facto mascot Tracer is the first to be shown off as a minifig, in a brief teaser starring lead designer Jeff Kaplan. It shows him building the figure before it starts teleporting around the room, Tracer-style.

In a prior teaser, we saw silhouettes of six figures. Those appeared to be Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy, and McCree. Those are all standout classics, but of course so is Tracer. Lego licensing usually results in full building sets that include minifigs, so we can probably expect some battlefield maps or the payload rendered in block form.

Meanwhile, Overwatch the game is preparing to roll out its annual Halloween Terror event. It begins on October 9 and lasts right up through Halloween on October 31. It will continue the story of Junkenstein’s Revenge, a meta-story that has been running through the event every year. It will also give access to special Halloween-themed skins, as well as discounts on previous Halloween skins

Plus Blizzard is always making balance tweaks–most recently with announced changes to Torbjorn that will make him more of an all-arounder and less situational.


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