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Pro ‘Fortnite’ Players In Trouble For Cheating During Fall Skirmish

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Epic Games kicked off Fortnite‘s Fall Skirmish earlier this week, and with a prize pool of over $10 million, there’s a lot on the line and pro players are taking it quite seriously.
Just for the first week of the event, Epic Games dished out $67,500 in prizes. In other words, this is a consequential amount of money up for grabs. And in the pursuit of this endless V-Bucks allowance and the glory, two pro players have cheated, and been caught.
The two players, “FunkBomb” and “NateHill,” were notably playing with Bush Bandits, who were atop the club leaderboards. Playing duos together, at one point the former got eliminated, and rather than watch his partner’s stream like everyone else, he tuned into the official tournament stream and started feeding NateHill information about what was going on, and providing intel like enemy locations.
Now, if you’ve played even a few games of Fortnite, you’ll know that knowing where enemies are offers a huge tactical advantage. Whether knowing you have a window to shield or heal, or just knowing where someone is so you can pop-up and get off some quick shots, it can change the tide of a battle, which is why it isn’t allowed.
Nonetheless, the duos pair did this, while streaming, providing the Internet video evidence of their cheating. They have since taken down the streams — as you would expect — but the Fortnite community captured a clip of the cheating in action, and have put it up for everyone to view elsewhere.

At the moment, Epic games hasn’t said what will be the course of action for the players, but presumably, they will be kicked from participation. However, given that they finished 27th out of 50 teams during the match in question, maybe they will skate by. Surely if they won, there would be a lot more attention and uproar about the situation.
Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more news on the game, be sure to peep our previous, recent, and constantly updating coverage of the game by clicking here.

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