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Reader Discussion – What’s Your Favorite Telltale Game?

Just a couple days ago, word spread quickly online that Telltale was facing big layoffs and closing down the majority of its studio. It came as a shock to most, since the developer had several projects in the works, from continuing The Walking Dead, creating its own take on Stranger Things, and had plans to rekindle The Wolf Among Us.

The news, especially for the majority of the studio that was laid off unexpectedly, is devastating. I’m devastated because Telltale inspired me to pursue video games as a career. Some of their storytelling is the best I’ve seen for the interactive medium.

I remember playing through The Walking Dead S1 several times with friends because I wanted them to see how brilliant it was too. I remember my jaw dropping at the end of The Wolf Among Us. 

Telltale fans from around the globe have been sharing their favorite Telltale moments on Twitter, some of which you can view below:

With all that said, we want to know if you have a favorite Telltale game. Or maybe it’s a scene, or a character. Please share with us in the comments.


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