Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Gameplay Features Space Pirates, Dogfights, And More


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the sequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy, and it brings much more to the table. In addition to dogfights and cruising to the game’s various radio stations, you can now do more at space stations. The game now features a main character, as opposed to the faceless, nameless pilot from the first game, and because of that, there is now a more fleshed-out dialogue system.

In fact, as you can see in this video, the character even reacts to things inside of her cockpit. She’ll do finger guns when she’s about to blow something up and even flip the bird from time to time. From what we saw at PAX West 2018, it seems to be a game that is brimming with even more personality than before.

Developer Double Damage Games also showed off the custom ship-painting feature, which allows players to import any image and use it as a stencil. Once you’re done painting, you can even buy a 3D-printed model with that custom paint job.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is but one of the games we saw at Seattle’s gaming convention, and you can check out the rest of them in our PAX West 2018 hub.



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