Battlefield 5 Open Beta: Start Dates, Pre-Loading And Early Access Details


Fans eager to check out Battlefield V won’t have to wait much longer, as EA has announced the game’s open beta start date. Battlefield V’s open beta is scheduled to start at the beginning of September, but those who pre-order or are members of Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic, or EA Access getting two whole days to play before everyone else.

Battlefield V’s open beta will kick off on September 4 for those who pre-order and/or are subscribers of EA’s services, while everyone else will get access to it on September 6 on all platforms. The open beta will feature the new Rotterdam map for Conquest, as well as the Arctic Fjord map for both Conquest and Grand Operations. Pre-loading for the open beta starts on September 3.

According to the press release, the Rotterdam map will put players in “a battle fought throughout the streets of Holland where the game’s dynamic physicality and destruction will be on full display.” Grand Operations makes its Battlefield V debut and is “a multiplayer experience across multiple maps and modes that takes players through a powerful narrative journey inspired by historical events,” as stated in the press release. In addition to the new map and mode, a five-part Tides of War chapter–an ever-evolving journey through World War II featuring a new story every few months–will be available during the open beta, and those that complete it will receive an exclusive in-game Dog Tag when the game launches.

EA DICE recently dropped a new trailer for Battlefield V ahead of Gamescom 2018. The trailer, called Devastation of Rotterdam, shows an amalgam of cutscenes and gameplay footage. Toward the end of the trailer, we get a potential tease of Battlefield V’s new Battle Royale mode, which was announced during E3 2018. We expect to see more Battlefield V footage during Gamescom and hopefully learn more about this new Battle Royale mode. Nvidia also partnered with EA DICE and used Battlefield V to showcase the newly-announced RTX video cards.

Those who pre-order Battlefield V will not only get early access to the open beta but will also be able to play the full game three days ahead of its release, on October 16. Origin Access Premier members on PC can play the full game on October 11, while Origin Access Basic members on PC and EA Access members on Xbox One get access to the Play First Trial on the same day.

Battlefield V will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 19, 2018.



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