Resident Evil 3 Remade in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s level editor was arguably the game’s coolest feature when it launched back in February of this year. It packed a ton of different content from a variety of Ubisoft games that players could use to create their own custom levels. Now, a fan of the game has taken the level editor one step further, recreating the opening of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in painstaking detail.

This Far Cry 5 recreation was made by user ZergRex, who had previously done a remake of Resident Evil 2 in the editor as well. Based on the video, the map must have taken an incredible amount of time to perfectly recreate. The environmental detail is spot on, with everything down to pickups being in the right place.

The entirety of Raccoon City is unbelievably impressive, and it’s easy to tell that ZergRex didn’t cut any corners with his recreation. The Far Cry 5 map almost looks like it could be an official remake of the PlayStation classic, and it’s wonderful to see a passionate fan take the time to make such a stellar homage. The level concludes with a Nemesis boss battle outside of RCPD, and while the Nemesis may or may not have grown some fur since the last time gamers saw him, its still a nice touch.

The accuracy of the remake doesn’t only show off how dedicated ZergRex is to the game, but it’s also an amazing demonstration of how in-depth and amazing the Far Cry 5 level editor is. There’s been a wide variety of content recreated in the game thus far, and it shows how set Ubisoft was on making the editor something great for all fans.

If anything, this level should drum up more excitement for Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, which should be releasing on January 25th, 2019. Fan made recreations are great, but they can’t quite capture the essence of what a full studio can do with a massive budget.

Hopefully, we will see more recreations in the future from ZergRex. There are plenty of iconic Resident Evil moments that would be amazing to see recreated in Far Cry 5’s editor–Jill Sandwiches included. For gamers with a little extra time on their hands and a copy of Far Cry 5, it may be worth checking the level out.

Far Cry 5 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Residence of Evil – YouTube



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