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Steam Listing Reveals Devil May Cry 5 Has Online Multiplayer

When Devil May Cry 5 was revealed back at E3 this year, we saw a CGI trailer and not much else. Back at Gamescom we saw the game playable as a single player experience and now, thanks to the pre-order listings, the existence of a multiplayer mode has been confirmed – a first for the series.

First spotted by Siliconera, the Steam store page for Devil May Cry 5 lists online multiplayer and co-op support for the game. If you check the PS4 and Xbox One listings for the game, they state that the game supports 2-3 players as well.

There’s no other information on how this mode or these modes will work. It’s an unusual move for the series, and the history of multiplayer in this genre is mixed at best (hello Anarchy Reigns). As soon as Capcom show anything more, we’ll be on it.


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